Friday, March 27, 2009

Svakog dana sam sa Vama i uzivam u Vasim blogovima.
Izbegavam da biram najbolje ili one koji me najvise inspirisu iz veoma jednostavnog razloga - to je nemoguce!
Svi ste na mojoj LISTI omiljenih blogova !!!
Zao bi mi bilo da prekinem ovu divnu ideju BLOG zato biram
i jos mnoooogoooo, mnooogoooo divnih i inspirativnih blogovaaaaaa.......i blogerki i blogera!

What a morning! What a surprise! I received two awards from bloggers DIANA and NENA if you visit their blogs you'll understand why am I so happy that I was awarded these. There is really a lot to see and learn.
According to the rules, I can give this award to other creative bloggers. And since there are really a lot of them it is very difficult for me to pick the best ones. However, this is my proposal for the awards.

These are all very creative and the blogs are exceptionally inspiring.

My dears, all of you that are listed here, you need to do the following:
1. Download one of the awards for your blog,
2. In the text field input the address of the blog you received this award from,
3. Select the most inspiring blogs for you and enter their links.

I sincerely wish you many more awards and a lot of visits to your great blogs.